The Day I Feared The Faraday GO Kit Was Just Me Being Delusional

Just about a while ago, while scrapping google for cool stats to put up a clean fluid Faraday GO Kit website narrative, I panicked…

There was this paper, from 2006, saying something like this: “Only less then 30% of media reports ever mentions means of prevention.”. It probably doesn’t sound to harmful to most about everyone, right.

So, why would it mean panic to me?

After developing the Faraday Blanket & Kit on paper, I did not stop one second to question if this idea made any reasonable financial sense worth pursuing. There was no double-check for market potential of the Kit done, and, before I knew it, I’d been in a constant back and forth of samples with Asia for months and thinking about quitting my job.

The only truth in my head was, it’s an amazing product. People less vulnerable to fire anywhere, let’s go. People will kill to crave fingers on their kits.

But after reading the paper...

My problem with it was simple. If less then 30% of media fire reports ever mention fire prevention material, for sure not many people would ever read about them to, consequently google about it. When you are in business, this might might mean trouble…

“Keywords Everywhere” app lets you see to see how many people actively search for a given keyword. Its a great app. I installed it and analyzed the main Keywords:

  • Fire Prevention = 9’000 / month

  • Fire Protection = 6’000 / month

  • Fire Escape = 12’000 / month

For global searches on google, this really is not a whole lot, really, because it aggregates Google, Amazon etc, etc. I was scared, would I need to create awareness? I decided to launch a Beta website and collect feedback from my network.

“I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Be In A Fire”

After showing my new venture to a couple of friends, boy, my moral was deap sea level low…Some friends did purchase kits from the website, but most of the entrepreneurs: “Dude, I don’t feel compelled to make the purchase….I don’t feel the risk.. I genuinely don’t think I’ll ever be in a fire”.

What could I answer. You know that might be true. You know everyone has heard it “It doesn’t happen only to others”.

Was This A Typical Thing People Praise But No One Would Ever Buy?

There is no doubt about it, the Faraday GO Kit is a sharp invention. It’s engineering, creative, user centric. But, would there be enough people out there like me, scared of fire enough to buy it?

Ok, wrong question maybe. Scared enough to, first, spend 2 minutes learning about something they don’t ever think about, second, figure out by their own gut feeling if they are being scammed by some freak with Squarespace skills and, third, trow a few tens of dollars into some unknown bank account in exchange for nothing but a promise…

What are the odds?…

Was Ready To Drop The Kit

One of my earliest “feedbacks” was, what are the odds that a fire like the ones that took over 100 human lives in Portugal in 2017 ever exists again? I replied: “What about the tragedy in Greece this summer?”. What I heard back was: “Come on. You know it is very unlikely to happen again”.

The California Fires

On the day I’m writing this post, I got an email from my friend that gave me the feedback above. He lives in Palo Alto, California. His email read: “Ricardo, did you hear on the news about the fires in here? We need to put this thing out there and quick.”

Googled what was going on. Wow major shock, what a human tragedy. 40 people were reported dead. Yet again. And, here I was, ready to move on to something else because of an uncertain market potential…

Fuck Market Potential!

Nothing matters as much as a human lives. We will do what we can to put this thing into everyone’s car, house and business and give folks a better fighting chance. For each 2 kits purchased, we will offer another to someone who needs it as much or more then you but, has smaller chances of affording it…

That, we will do. We will do it, wishing our motive was an amazing foreseeable profit rather then the saddening tragic news we all have been witnessing from California…